SECTOR 2023 is the range of sectional door that enriches and completes De Nardi’s wide range of garage doors.

Distinguished by a high degree of durability and versatility, it represents a viable alternative to the more traditional overhead door and it is the optimal product for those who own shallow garages or want to minimize their internal dimensions.
SECTOR 2023 doors are motorized with a tow-type engine to achieve fast and reliable opening, ensuring convenience and ease of use.
Consisting of insulated steel sheet panels arranged horizontally, SECTOR 2023 are also an ideal solution for more contemporary, minimalist designs or for those seeking excellent thermo-acoustic insulation for their garage.
The panels are anchored to each other internally with robust white-painted hinges and their rotation is via rollers mounted on bearings with silenced roller carriers to ensure silence.
Sliding is supported by strong galvanized steel rails equipped with base protection feet to prevent rust and possible damage to the floor during installation.
The panels and all four sides are sealed through a special EPDM rubber seal located in special tear-proof grooves that give total impermeability to both water and air.
The external mantle of SECTOR 2023 is available in two aesthetics (Horizon and Single Line), three finishes (smooth, stucco embossed and wood-type) and painted with our standard RAL colors (any RAL color is available upon request).
The interior mantle always features Multi Line aesthetics, stucco-embossed finish and RAL 9010 paint as standard.



MAST 19 is the sectional door model with a vertical clearance of 19 cm and is the ideal product for those looking for large doors or those with very high durability.
MAST 19 makes it possible to support a much higher weight than SMART 12 and provides greater durability due to the use of torsion springs located on the vertical crossbar and two shafts that rotate on ball bearings.
Thicker springs are available upon request for maximum longevity.


SMART 12 is the sectional door model with a vertical clearance of only 12 cm and is the ideal product for those seeking to maximize the useful passage height of their garage or for those with small compartments.
Thanks to the use of extension springs positioned on the sides in the vertical guides, SMART 12 allows for a reduction of as much as 7 cm in the footprint on the upper crossbeam (compared to the MAST 19 model) without sacrificing strength and durability.
The springs, supplied as standard with a preloading system, optimize assembly, making it feasible even by a single operator and greatly reducing time.
Finally, the springs are easily and quickly replaced in case of breakage, as they do not require intervention on the sectional’s supporting structure.



  1. EPDM rubber seal between panels located in special tear-proof grooves for water and air resistance (no sponge seal);
  2. Uniform interior with carpentry on the mantle painted in the same color to eliminate color shading;
  3. Uniform, homogeneous exterior with profile-less base seal to eliminate color shading.

  4. Pre-assembled vertical rails for greatly improved stability and prevention of accidental hand insertion during rotation;
  5. Front jig for fixing the top seal and for simplified, faster and misalignment-free assembly;
  6. Angles supplied in pairs for more precise squareness and simplified rail assembly;
  7. Motor guide attached directly to the bottom jig with brackets for simplified mounting on high, sloping or wood-beamed ceilings;
  8. Plastic rail end feet that act as anti-rust, anti-staining when washed with water or detergents, and floor tile protection during assembly;
  9. Double spring and split shaft for better balance during movement and significantly simplified assembly;
  10. Roller carriers with anti-squeak system that ensure silence during movement.


  • DN 550: basic automation for small doors with control unit incorporated in the engine group;
  • DN 650 / 800 / 1100: higher-performance automation with wall-mounted control unit, supplied as standard for large doors or for intensive use. Compatible with various accessory functions, starting from remote controls to more advanced home automation.




External finish

Embossed stucco 9010 Embossed stucco 9010
1013 1013
Honey Honey
Noce Noce
7016 7016
9010 9010