The new line of residential sectional doors enriches and completes the wide range of garage closures De Nardi. It is characterized by an high degree of durability, reliability and versatility; it’s a valid aesthetic alternative to the traditional steel overhead door, thanks to the various solutions, finishes and colors. The tow automation, faster and safer, ensures maximum convenience and ease of use.

Size version in light

Available in the manual version with architrave of 18 cm for measures up to L. 600 x H. 250 cm. In case of future automation, take an architrave of 23 cm.

Available only in the motorized version. Architrave of 15 cm for measures up to L. 600 x H. 250 cm, architrave of 17 cm for measures up to L. 600 x H. 300 cm.

Available in manual or motorized version with architrave of 26 cm for measures up to L. 600 x H. 350 cm. Scrolling is also available for intensive use with a possibility to request increased springs for 50.000 or 100.000 cycles.

 H minSPL maxH maxH mtH pG7 minG7 maxSNote

1 1 The presence of the omega reinforcement profile of lowered threshold (for example: in case of inserted pedestrian door) influences the value of G7 and reduces the value of Hp.

NB: In case of solutions with inclined ceiling, request the feasibility.
The maxi sleading requires the application of a 5% increase on the base price, without accessories.

h min = Minimum architrave height.
H = Compartment height.
SP = Distance below guides from the ceiling.
L = Width height.
L max = Maximum width of the sectional overhead door.
H max = Maximum width of the sectional overhead door in manual configuration or ready for motorization.
H mt = Maximum height of the sectional overhead door.
H p = Height of passage in the hole level.
G7 min = Minimal amount of space, in light of the sectional mantle, completely open in the more favorable condition.
G7 max = Minimal amount of space, in light of the sectional mantle, completely open in the less favorable condition (for example: in configuration with door and glass area).
S = Minimum dimension of lateral "spalletta".
S tot. = Maximum amount of space of sectional overhead door (sectional width + "spalletta" space)
Lp = Horizontal guides lenght = H + 50 cm.


Section of the mantle

The model SECTOR 2 is composed of panels of 49,5 and 61,5 for 4,2 cm of thickness. Composed of two opposing sheets of sendzimir galvanized steel and stucco embossed, wood and smooth; male and female profiled with anti-pinch shape. Inner and outer side with ribs for reinforcement longitudinal channels. Coupling without thermal bridge between internal and external sheet with insulating in polyurethane foam free from cfc injected with the foaming process continuously. With or without internal steel reinforcement.

Thickness in cmTotal KThickness in cmTotal K
4,20,78 W/mK4,20,78 W/mK
Weight of the panel
SpessoreLunghezzaPassoFuori squadra
+ / -2+ / -5+ / -2+ / -2
Reaction to fire
0 - 2
Acoustic abatement
RW (C;Ctr) = 23 (-2; -3) dB