It is available as a single-leaf or double-leaf. It is made in galvanized steel and strengthened with rigid reinforcement in alveolar fiber. It is supplied standard with a locking with both cylinder hole and insert for patent - type keys. The door is painted with an epoxy - and - termoset powder and covered with scratchproof embossed finishes, in standard RAL 9010 color. It is available on all colors of the De Nardi RAL range. This reversible door can be supplied with a bottom rebate which is both removable or adaptable to the finished floor.

Panic bolts

It’s available the panic bolts for the main and secondary door. Made in steel covered with black plastic and natural anodised aluminium bars. The panic bolts may be opened by just pressing on the special bar,allowing fast evacuation without help from outside.

Door closer

Overhead rack and pinion door closer with side closing and latch speed adjustment. Silver colour - doors ordered with door closer are prepared for application both on the door and on the frame. Door closers are considered fittings and are supplied separately.


The portholes can be round or rectangular. Possible dimensions in relation to the wall aperture: diameter 30 or 40 cm, rectangular 30x40 cm or 40x70 cm. They come with transparent stratified glass 3+3 mm.

Aeration holes

They present a total surface of ca. 200 cmq per door and are available on single hinged or on the main door or the double hinged doors.