Is a solid, reliable overhead door that combines De Nardi technology and experience. The door frame is made with an exclusive reinforced steel profile designed to house the rubber sealing strip. A pratical system of counterweights is inserted into the galvanised steel side uprights for easy, erfortless opening. The metal parts are galvanised and standard painted in a dark brown colour or ral-colours with stove-enamelled polyester powder finish for maximum weatherproofing. The door, the jambs and the head are covered in wood on the outside; the vertical panelling or the other coverings with special aesthetics, are done wih various types of wood, all guaranteed for durability by a long-term seasoning and a specific treatment. The wood is treated with fillers and resin-based paint varnishes in aqueous dispersion, thereby ensuring absolute non-toxicity for the indoor environment in order to safeguard the health of the inhabitants. The inside of the Pratic Legno ISOLMANT overhead door is covered with okoumè and frames; high density selfextinguishing polystyrene has been inserted between the external covering door and the internal panels to provide good sound-proofing and to improve heat insulation. The Pratic Legno ISOLMANT overhead door may be supplied with pedestrian door, glazed areas and, for even easier opening, with an electric motor. Pratic Legno ISOLMANT comes supplied complete with Yale type lock with handle, set-up for motor-drive unit, anti fall system against the accidental breaking of the cables, anchoring rag bolts; is delivered ready assembled for easy fitting and packed with polyethylene sheets.

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